About Us


The W.A. McConnell Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the treasured history of the greater Richmond area in Illinois, protecting the legacy of its founders, and promoting its historic downtown for the benefit of generations to come.


The W.A. McConnell Foundation exists for the betterment and preservation of the historical essence of the greater Richmond region in Illinois.

Who We Are

We are neighbors, small business owners, residents, RBCHS alumni, and former residents. The W.A. McConnell Foundation was born from a singular goal: to preserve the unique heritage and history of Richmond, Illinois and its founders for generations to come. We welcome your input, ideas, and support.

Board Members
Adam Metz, President

Allison Clark, Vice President

Cindy Skrukrud, Secretary

Rachel Prickett, Co-Treasurer

Peter Gussie

Rommy Lopat

Tanya Nixon

Kurt Begalka

Chip Eldredge III